Welcome to the documentation of Ludo

Ludo is an Emulator Frontend able to run retro video games. Ludo does not emulate the consoles itself, but does it through emulator plugins called libretro cores. Libretro cores are well known emulators (like Snes9x or Genesis Plus GX or PCSX) stripped from their user interface. They contain only console specific logic.

Separating the frontend from the emulation logic has the following advantages:

  • Frontend developers only have to code the user interface once

  • Developing a new frontend functionality can benefit all the emulators at once

  • Emulator developers can benefit from a mature user interface without coding it

  • Gamers can configure emulators all at once

  • The user interface, configuration, and storage are consistent across emulators

From the gamer perspective, Ludo is a universal retro game browser and player. It offers a gaming experience optimized for TV and joypads, but can also be used on a traditional PC with a keyboard.


Stability, Intuitiveness, Ease of use, Minimalism, Moderate portability, Correctness

Non goals

Feature completeness, High performance, Extreme portability, Customizability

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