Transfering games

LudOS will only be able to launch games copied to the computer it is running on.
You need to transfer these games using one of the recommended methods.

Over network, using Windows Shares (SAMBA)

The most convenient way to transfer games is to connect your computer to the local network and transfer games using Windows Share protocol.
You need to enable SAMBA in the settings interface:
Then from another computer, you should see a network drive appear in your file explorer:
You can open LudOS network share and you will see a folder called ROMs. This is where you copy your roms.

Over network, using SSH

This is for more advanced users who already know how to use SSH.
First thing you will need is the IP address of the LudOS computer. From another Linux machine, you can do:
sudo arp-scan -l
You can also find the IP by looking in your router web interface.
Once you know your the LAN IP of your LudOS box, you can SSH in this way:
The IP used here is an example. Please use yours instead.
SSH default credentials are root:ludos
We recommend that you change them if you intend to keep SSH open, for security reasons.
If you can successfully connect, then transferring ROMs become possible using SCP. For this, logout of SSH using the exit command and start transferring ROMs this way:
scp -r path/to/roms [email protected]:roms/

What ROMs to use

Please refer to Ludo documentation on which roms to use: