Configuring emulators

Finding emulator options

Each emulator in Ludo can expose its own settings. To access them, you have to first launch a game using the specific emulator, and trigger the menu to be in the Quick Menu.

Emulator settings are also called Core Options, and can be found at the bottom of the Quick Menu:

Understanding emulator options

Each emulator has its own settings. It is generally safer to not change them unless you know what they mean.

Option values can be switched using the left and right arrows.

There are too many options to explain them all. But you can find detailed description about each of these in the Libretro Docs. Under For Users -> Core Library: Emulation.

Some emulator expose interesting input settings through core options. For example, using a 6 button Genesis pad, or enabling multitap or analog controller in PlayStation.

Manually editing emulator options

Once modified, the options of an emulator are saved under ludo configuration directory as toml files.

One file per libretro core will be created. For example, ~/.config/ludo/fceumm_libretro.toml on Linux.

You can safely modify these files manually using a simple text editor, and you can also delete them to restaure defaults. But be sure to close Ludo when you do this. If not, your changes will be overwritten.

This is an example toml file:

fceumm_apu_1 = "enabled"
fceumm_apu_2 = "enabled"
fceumm_apu_3 = "enabled"
fceumm_apu_4 = "enabled"
fceumm_apu_5 = "enabled"
fceumm_aspect = "8:7 PAR"
fceumm_nospritelimit = "disabled"
fceumm_ntsc_filter = "disabled"
fceumm_overclocking = "disabled"
fceumm_overscan_h = "disabled"
fceumm_overscan_v = "enabled"
fceumm_palette = "yuv-v3"
fceumm_ramstate = "fill $ff"
fceumm_region = "Auto"
fceumm_show_adv_sound_options = "disabled"
fceumm_show_adv_system_options = "disabled"
fceumm_show_crosshair = "enabled"
fceumm_sndquality = "Low"
fceumm_sndvolume = "7"
fceumm_swapduty = "disabled"
fceumm_turbo_delay = "3"
fceumm_turbo_enable = "None"
fceumm_up_down_allowed = "disabled"
fceumm_zapper_mode = "lightgun"
fceumm_zapper_tolerance = "6"

All values are text values

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